I purchased 320 sq ft of shaw versalock flooring. this flooring would not lie down evenly as its locking system was defective.

I proved this to be true by use of a micrometer and shaws own installation expert concurred with me that there is a problem with the flooring. I followed the instructions carefully. both sets. as there are two different sets of instructions with the flooring and yet a third on their website.

shaws tech help line is useless and told me to put furniture on top of the imperfections to hide it. shaws ultimate position on this problem was "tough, you bought it, its yours"

Monetary Loss: $700.

Location: Beaumont, Texas

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awful products rubbish service awful people that own the business


You think YOU have it bad, this company allowed a supervisor who was also a cop to harass me in the workplace.

This went on for many months before I suffered a catastrophic injury in their warehouse that they suppressed through local controls.



I am an associate at Shaw. I am sorry that you have experienced a problem with our products. I would like to help in resolving this problem. Can you provide me with information on where and when you purchased the flooring? You may email me directly at susan.rich@shawinc.com.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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