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Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very unhappy with a product I had installed 7 months ago (HL255-High Country II, color #00839-Kings Canyon Cherry) that is warranted for 10 plus years. It has failed in 7 months and Shaw is refusing to uphold their warranty. The board are bubbling up in many places... Why have a warranty if it is not going to be upheld?

Before installing, my installers called Shaw directly to ask questions about the installation and they followed the instructions. Unfortunately, I did not have my installers write down the time, date and person they talked to at Shaw... so now I'm stuck dealing with this mess. Uggg.

We called Shaw directly and they required we go through our dealer to file a warranty issue claim. Luckily we bought from a dealer and not Home Depot or Lowes. So after calling our dealer, Shaw takes over a week and then they send out an independent wood inspector. He inspects the house and asks us about what temperature we keep the house and what we clean the floors with. Really?? We keep the house at 72 degrees and clean the floor with a mix of water and vinegar... normal mopping procedure for wood floors.

After all of that, we get this letter:

This letter is acknowledgment of a complaint registered against invoice #6304305, dated 10/03/2014 style #HL255-High Country II, color #00839-Kings Canyon Cherry. The claim states concerns are raised/buckled boards. The material was independently inspected on 05/07/2015. The inspection report indicates the issues are installation related.

Brenda Williams

Claims Manager

3435 Dug Gap Road

Dalton, GA 30721

Email: Brenda.L.Williams@shawinc.com Office:800-446-9332

Fax: 800-323-3754

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Shaw Floors Pros: Way the floor looked initially.

Shaw Floors Cons: New flooring only lasting 7 months.

Store Location: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

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Water damage is never covered under warranty. People, don't buy laminate and use water on it.

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