I purchased Shaw VersaLock laminate flooring on 12/27/11 (Shaw Industries) and installed in the middle of January 2012. At first I loved the flooring; the look of it, the ease of cleaning, etc. Until....my 9 year old boxer got ill. About 3 weeks ago, while at work, she peed on the floor (first time in years). Imagine my surprise when the flooring started warping and de-laminating. I contacted Menards where I purchased the flooring and they gave me a box of flooring to replace the pieces. Thank you Menards for stepping up to care for your customers.

My dog is on now started a new medication. On Sunday, March 18th at 2:30 am, I woke up to let the dogs out. Sometime after that, she vomited on the flooring. I cleaned it up immediately upon waking up and discovering it. Again, the flooring has warped and de-laminated.

It gets worse...When I contacted Shaw directly on Monday, March 19th at 9:30 am MST, I had the displeasure of speaking with one of their "Customer Care" representatives. She didn't provide her name and by the end of the call, I was so upset that I didn't ask for her name. She stated pet urine and vomit contains acid and is not covered under the 40-year warranty. The "customer care" representative had no empathy what-so-ever and cold face told me I was out of luck. What?! I purchased this flooring because of the "outstanding" warranty and great reviews from the experts at Menards.

After reviewing the insert included with the flooring, it states "use acetone/nail polish remover on a clean white cloth to clean tough spots such as oil, paint, markers, lipstick, ink, or tar." Isn't acetone, / nail polish remover, acid?

At 9:45 am MST, I contact Alisha Wood through Shaw through their instant messaging option on the Shaw website. She provided me with a copy of the 40-year warranty. No where within the warranty does it state anything about pets.

Only having this flooring installed for less than 2 months, I am really concerned with the longevity of this flooring. I would not recommend this flooring for anyone with kids, pets, or a life in general....their warranty doesn't appear to really cover anything. Below is a list of items not covered which is basically anything that could possibly happen. I have again contacted Menards. They seem to be more empathetic and willing to stand behind the product they sell then their manufacturers. I should hear back from Menards tomorrow. Again, thanks Menards and shame on you Shaw....consumer be aware.

* Accidents, abuse or misuse * Exposure to extreme heat

* Scratch, impact or cutting * Improper installation

* Improper care and maintenance * Freight

* Modification, alterations, repair or service by a non authorized floor covering dealer

* Water damage resulting from improper installation or flooding caused by natural disaster, plumbing failures, etc.

* Damage due to failure to use appropriate chair pads under castor desk chairs

* Use only seamless plastic castor wheels to help prevent scratches

* Damage resulting from or in connection with subfloor conditions

Product or Service Mentioned: Shaw Floors Flooring.

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

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I agree with everyone that dislikes this flooring. I spent $6ooo to do my whole home and every room has a problem.

I do my own yard work in Florida and if even one drop of sweat hits the floor it leaves a stain. I am a senior of 70 years of age and now I am saving to have another product put in and I will definitely do my home work before I make a choice of the name brand that I install


Mine is doing the same thing and they are giving me a big rash that *** about the warranty so sucks I will never buy another product from them ever again


I just bought 9 cartons, its awful. and I cant get a contractor to work with it.

its junk, don't waste your money. the company was absolutely no help at all.


Its not shaws fault… I have had many laminate floors, and the same...epileptic dog..that drools in seizure... Other than vinyl or a swimming pool coating ...its going to de/lam


I disagree. I installed a Pergo floor in my kitchen and no matter what I spilled on it it never warped or de-laminated.

This includes a spill from my dogs water dish which left water on the floor overnight. And the dog urinated on it at well because of medication it was on. Never had a problem.

My brand new Shaw floor warped and de-laminated from a little melted snow on shoes at my front door. The flooring is junk and I will never use it again.


I am in the same boat. Hate this product


Acetone (CH3COCH3) is not an acid. It is an organic solvent used for many purposes. Commonly used as a solvent in organic syntheses, the painting industry, etc.


Bought the Shaw laminate flooring because it was waterproof, and wouldn't bubble like traditional laminate flooring. To put it simply it is junk, garbage...etc.

Look at it wrong and it scratches, if the sun hits it it bubbles.

It looks great as long as you don't walk on it or open the curtains. In my opinion this is a scam by Shaw, no respectable manufacturer would produce a product like this, therefore it has to be a scam.


I agree with you. The company that installed my super duper shaw flooring is out of business and I can not contact any one to repair the floor, it is also separated in spots and when we called Shaw about it they told us to get in touch with the company that installed the floor because they have to complain to Shaw not us. Not very happy with Shaw or the installer.


Actually, this flooring sucks. Warps easy, chips EASY, not durable.

The installation is also a fight.

The locking/snapping system isn't easy. I would also not recommend this flooring.


Can this floor be coated with something to prevent such problems? How about a heavy coat of wax?

Will the wax stay or stick to the floor?


I am sorry you are not happy with your floor, but come on, the floor is doing what we all know they do. I hope your dog is better but I am tried of people blaming others for their problems. Your dog had a problem ( I hope he/she has recover ) but it is not the company's fault as what happens in your house.

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